Crisis Management In War. Technology On Your Side}

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Crisis Management in war. Technology on your side


Mark Sheldon

No matter what line of work you are in, you never quite know when Crisis might strike, and when that Crisis Management Plan that you have been putting together and tweaking for the last 5 years might need to be called upon.

You never really know what to expect with a crisis, and each crisis brings about its own set of challenges. It’s important that any Crisis Management plan can adapt to these situations.

One of the static variables in Crisis Management is the use of GPS technology.

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It may sound like simple common sense, but management of Crisis in hostile situations in remote locations is massively aided by the use of Global Positioning Satellite technology.

Through the use of handheld tracking and communication devices, vehicle tracking devices , aircraft tracking devices and maritime tracking devices your central command post can monitor and advise from a safe distance with reliable intelligence to relay to troops on the ground.

For example, a group of soldiers on the ground might be trapped in a compound. Without GPS tracking they are totally blind and unaware of what is going on around them. With a GPS Crisis Management solution in place they can have eyes looking over them from afar, advising them of advancing enemy troops and hopefully finding them a passage to safety.

Another example of GPS tracking within a war zone is on a convoy. Convoys could be transporting anything from troops to food, and the enemy soldiers will do everything in their power to disrupt this. With a convoy-tracking device in place the central command post can ensure that the convoy keeps moving through a safe passage to its destination.

We tend to take GPS devices for granted these days, having satellite navigation technology in our phones and cars, but there is real, life saving value in these devices when it comes to hostile situations and managing crisis. It makes you wonder how wars were fought without it because it seems incomprehensible that troops on the ground would be out there operating, effectively blind to what is going on around them and where the enemy are positioned.

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Your Smile Our Smile Beecabs Online Cab Booking}

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Your Smile Our Smile – Beecabs Online Cab Booking



Beecabs provide clean new cars with Realtime inbuilt trackers. A team thats tracks the whereabouts 24/7, which helps in keeping track of the car and time with professional drivers. Drivers are well trained in routes and are good enough to communicate. we provide safe ride and proper assistance from driver as well.We strive to provide concierge luxury Cab Hire services with a warmth of comfort. Book your Luxury Ride within a fraction of seconds, since the online booking option is available, you get to choose your car in your own space anytime anywhere. And we are always at your service with our Customer Support 24/7.Though still a growing company Beecabs has managed to mark itself among the reputed cab rental services in India.

Beecabs provide services in every major Cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Madurai, Trichy, Vellore, Coimbatore and other cities in India. Our technological ability enables us to reach the distance across India and helps us to keep the miles going.

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Beecabs provides multiple methods of bookings and packages starting with Airport Transfers, Outstation Cabs and Domestic Cab Services.

Beecabs provides a booking system where a person can make a phone call and book the desired

cab or can book a cab by going online to our website and having a more complete view of the cabs services, their rates and different packages.

Beecabs has imprinted its name among the reputed car rental companies in India in their past working years and are still continuing with the profits to serve their Customers well and good.They have hourly packages based on your requirement as 8 hrs/80 KM’s, 10hrs/100km’s and 12hrs/120kms for intra city travel. Our tailor made vehicle arrangements based on the customer’s requirements has always been a wheel ahead in the field of Competitors.

Simple ways and Quickest online cab booking can be done through our website or can give us a call to our customer support team for any requirement.

Beecabs Online Booking service supports both cash to driver and online payment option available with Credit / Debit Cards, Net Banking, Cash Card, Mobile Payments and Beecabs Wallet. The payment process is hassle free and totally secure. Once the booking is done from the customer side, the customer receives a text message and a email confirmation regarding the same.

Beecabs strives to provide concierge luxury cab Hire services with a warmth of comfort in it and all these at all times, with 24/7 customer support service, Concierge Services, Clean and Neat Cars, Real time vehicle tracking, Nationwide Uniformity in Vehicle Class and Service. We use technology as our boom to enhance the service level and the reach-ability by connecting right customer with the right vehicular delivery.

Beecabs operate with 5-star hotels Like Marriott, Taj, Novatel and also Corporate companies such As Coca-Cola, Qualcomm, Franklin Templeton, Hospira, Kuehne + Nagel, Kuboto.Now we have expanded by including ourselves in the Retail market as well, but with the same class and standards maintained.

The inflow of tourists had risen to 300% in the past few years so the market of car rentals skyrocketed in India Making the car rental market worth around 80 billion dollars to this date.Among that market of car rentals only 5% are organised and the rest 95% are local vendors.

Beecabs aim is to enter into that 5% organised company and Touch the core of every customer’s heart with their tremendous Services.

Our vision is to become one Of the best And Leading car rental Service providers in the Country. In the near future Beecabs promises to serve throughout every major city in the country to give an Unbeatable experience in luxury/premium cab service. The Main Aim of Beecabs is to provide a Vast service of Luxury/premium Cars to each and every Customer who are looking for a taste of Luxury but at affordable rates.

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