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Have you ever been to St Thomas? Did you stay in a hotel or one of the beautiful St Thomas villas? I was there a couple of years ago, and no, we didnt get to stay in a villa we stayed in a hotel. I wish it had been a villa though.

During our stay we pretty much did everything you would expect to do in a Caribbean island; we went on a couple of fishing trips, we spent lazy afternoons on the fantastic beaches, we went out for great meals, and I enjoyed more than one trip to the waterfront stores! We also rented a car and traveled around the island to see the sites.

While keeping track on a map we stopped at many scenic overlooks to take in the views. From these standpoints it was easy to pick out the many bays that circle the island. As your eye would travel up from the water to the land you were bound to see some gorgeous St Thomas villas also enjoying their ocean view. As I looked at these Caribbean-styled villas I realized that the hotel we were staying at, while nice, was not as breathtaking as this.

Yes, the hotel had a nice room, and various amenities, but as I gazed at these private homes I realized we were missing what they were enjoying privacy. All Virgin Island villas usually enjoy a private pool, multi-level decks for sunbathing, fantastic views, and the enjoyment of living in your own home for the length of your vacation. Definitely appealing!

As we traveled around the island we also enjoyed the views from the waterfront, dotted with personal boats and those massive cruise ships. Everyday there were a couple cruise ships, but one of the days we were there we actually saw seven! Thats a lot of people coming into St Thomas for one day! While we lingered at the view I watched the planes leaving and arriving at the airport, on the west side of the island.

We definitely enjoyed dining out at nights, all sorts of cuisine. We would take our time throughout our meals, enjoying all courses available to us, and usually accompanying that with glasses of wine or different cocktails. You cant help but feel relaxed on vacation waking up late, eating whatever you want, ignoring the clock and working on your own schedule. Very blissful.

Halfway through our vacation we wandered into a real estate office and snagged a couple of magazines to browse through on the beach. As I flipped through the pages of houses and apartments I would always pause on the pictures of St Thomas villas, and I decided right then and there that we would definitely book one for our next vacation. The villas all looked so colorful and well maintained. You could tell that each owner took pride in their investment and went to great lengths to make sure they put their personal touch on it, be it in the color of paint they chose for different bedrooms, or the linens they chose, the art on the walls, the furniture both inside and outside. The other thing I loved was the different names, which seems to be a trend not only for St Thomas Villas, but also all US Virgin and Caribbean villas. Names that encompassed nature and their surrounding ocean and rainforest views, or names that had to do with different activities you might enjoy while there. Sometimes the names were actually people names, but beautiful and uncommon, lending your thoughts to drift to beautiful and uncommon days of pure enjoyment.

Yes, I definitely have to say we thoroughly enjoyed our vacation on St Thomas. As we boarded the plane back home we relaxed back into our seats, closed our eyes, and both let our minds wander to the favorite memories we had just created. As I mentally drove the island again my thoughts kept going back to those brochures I had tucked away in my purse. Brochures with tagged pages of villas I wanted to check out. As I felt myself falling asleep to the sound of the planes engine I pictured us at our private St Thomas villa, sitting on two lounge chairs, on a deck, watching a colorful sunset.

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Cold Sore Cures Is There Truly A Way To Cure Your Cold Sores?

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By Denny Bodoh

Cold sore cures? Wondering if there really is are cold sore cures – or are just Internet hype?

This short article should clear up a lot of questions for YOU. Read it now and you will finally know the truth about cold sore cures.

Many experts, such as my good friends at Mayo, state that there are NO cold sore cures.

Other, equally trustworthy professionals, state, YES, there are cold sore cures. And they are being used with much success today by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.

Someone lying?

The fact is – they are both absolutely, 100% correct. It just happens that they are not referring to the same thing.

The group saying there are no cold sore cures is right. With their statement, they mean there is no known way to remove the herpes simplex virus from your body once infected. This is known as the cold sore virus.

Right now, the herpes virus is definitely a lifetime resident of your body. No vaccine, nor any other method, has yet been discovered that will find and kill it within the body.

And don’t be fooled. Those anti-viral prescription drugs do not work either. They do nothing to rid your body of this tough, parasite virus.

YouTube Preview Image

There are better choices, as you will see shortly.

But first, let’s set the record straight.

Those who claim viable cold sore cures exist are right also. They are referring to the ability of a remedy to clear your face of a cold sore and prevent future outbreaks.

After all, if you never get cold sores again, is that not a cold sore cure? Who really cares about the cold sore virus, as long as we do not get the actual sores – right?

Think about that.

Every disease in the world is diagnosed based on the symptoms specific to that disease. We all carry pathogens that can cause a variety of serious diseases.

But if your body keeps these germs from creating symptoms, you will not get sick. You do not have the disease.

And if you do get sick, and the doctors can cure the symptoms, they will declare you cured. You see this every day with cancer, as well as other illnesses.

And the same holds true for cold sores, fever blisters and oral herpes.

Nearly everyone in the world carries this highly contagious virus. Yet, a good third of those people will never know it because they will never get an oral herpes cold sore.

Their bodies have built-in cold sore cures. Their immune systems and the associated antibodies do not allow the virus to come out of dormancy.

The rest of us have to work at finding our own cold sore cures.

But one thing is for sure.

We now know ways the herpes virus can be pushed back into hibernation, and kept dormant for up to a lifetime. People are doing it everyday. No reason you can’t be one of them.

Do you want to cure a current cold sore? Or are you looking for a way to prevent future cold sores?

Whichever is most important to you at this moment, the very first thing you must do is start taking the highest quality vitamin supplement you can afford.

This one thing is all many folks need to be cold sore free.

In addition, start taking a lysine supplement. This is a very safe amino acid found in fish and dairy products. Flooding your system with lysine, fights cold sores like pouring water on a fire.

Commonly, folks use 2000 to 4000 milligrams of lysine during a cold sore, and 500 milligrams daily for prevention.

There are many other proven cold sore cures. I would love to tell you about them. But it would take pages.

Some will work, others will not.

Often they depend on your immune system being in tip-top shape. You do that with the nutritional boosters mentioned above.

Yes, there definitely are cold sore cures. Some are very simple. Some work best when combined with other methods. You must try different things to successfully discover your own, personal, cold sore cures.

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Cold Sores

. You will discover many of the best

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cures you can start using this minute.


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